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  • Prescription Diet

    Prescription Diet™

    Clinically proven nutrition to alleviate your pets' most important health conditions.

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  • Science Plan

    Science Plan™

    Scientifically developed nutrition to fit your pet's age, size and sensitivity.

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  • VetEssentials


    Nutrition specifically formulated for pets' essential health needs in every life stage.

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  • Ideal Balance

    Ideal Balance

    Natural ingredients perfectly balanced*

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Cat treats are a fun subject for you and your cat! Treats help to reinforce the bond you share with your pet.

When your cat needs to shed some weight, you want to be able to reward her success. Be sure you’re giving healthy treats that support the weight loss goals you are both working hard to achieve. You can even incorporate the right treats into a new workout routine to keep her playing longer!

Treats are important

Did you know that giving treats to your dog is an important part of bonding? But beware – giving the wrong treats at the wrong time can contribute to excess weight gain, or even accidentally reward bad behaviour! Find out more about how to appropriately share treats with your dog – when, where and what to give.

Is your dog enjoying life to the full?

Unfortunately, if he has stiff joints or mobility problems, he’s not getting the most out of life. It is not difficult to guess that a dog´s quality of life is affected by his ability to jump, walk and run like a healthy young dog. Joint and mobility-related conditions can keep him from enjoying walks or games, causing him to “slow down” or even seem older than he should. Luckily, we can offer you a food that is proven to interrupt the cycle of osteoarthritis, improve mobility and soothe joints. Find out more…


* Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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