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    Prescription Diet™

    Clinically proven nutrition to alleviate your pets' most important health conditions.

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    Science Plan™

    Scientifically developed nutrition to fit your pet's age, size and sensitivity.

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    Ideal Balance

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13 things you never knew about cat owners and cat pee

If you didn’t know this month is urology awareness month for humans. However, we’ve taken the liberty to use this month to focus on a key issue in cats, urine health problems and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Read the first of our posts this month that highlights 13 things about cat owners and cat pee you didn’t know.

Doggy Boot Camp- the ‘how to’ guide

We are well into summer, a time when we normally stop the healthy regimes and fall back into old habits while enjoying the warm weather. But we’re telling you that there is still some fitness fun to be had, involving your dog of course. Sink your teeth into our ‘how to guide’ on running your own doggy boot camp session. Whether you do it by yourself in the back garden, or with a few friends at your local park, you and your four legged friend will stay fit and healthy while having fun in the sun together.

Win FREE Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Kitten Starter kits this July 2015

Have a new kitten addition to the family? We’re giving away 25 Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Kitten Starter kits each week this July. Find out how to enter our Kitten Addition competition


* Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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