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Stress made my cat pee on my bed – 10 ways to keep kitty calm and improve toilet habits

The last of our urinary theme posts. We remind you that stress can be a huge factor to cats developing urinary tract problems. So what better way is there, to help you keep a stressed cat cool, calm and collected than by sharing our top 10 tips.

Cat urine health - 12 ways to help keep your cat’s kidneys and bladder healthy

The third post to our cat urinary theme. We always say prevention is important to having a healthy cat. So we have put together this nifty guide 12 ways you can keep your cat’s kidneys and bladder healthy to prevent urinary health problems arising.

The golden rules of litter tray hygiene – how to have a happy cat and a cleaner house

The second post to our cat urinary theme. We give you the golden rules of the litter tray. From litter training kittens to tray location and even getting rid of that cat pee smell out of your carpet. We walk you through 10 cat litter tray hygiene rules you won’t want to live without.


* Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids

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