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Dedicated to pets - Hill's proudly supports pet charities in the UK

At Hill's, we're dedicated to all pets. That's why we support the work of charities and shelters, saving nearly 1 million dogs and cats every year throughout the world.

In the UK, Hill's proudly supports The Blue Cross, Britain's pet charity. Every year The Blue Cross rehomes over 6,000 pets across the UK. All dogs and cats waiting for their new homes are fed precisely balanced pet food, supplied by Hill’s Pet Nutrition free of charge.

 Blue cross

 The Blue Cross provides direct support to abandoned animals and their owners in many ways:
• Adoption centres rehome dogs, cats and other small pets
• Animal hospitals provide veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private veterinary fees
• Equine rehabilitation centres rehome unwanted horses and ponies

Support to Blue Cross adopters

Food for cats and dogs at the adoption centres is carefully chosen by Blue Cross staff to meet the specific needs of pets in their care, to help them recover and keep them in optimal health. But as soon as Blue Cross pets are rehomed, their nutrition lies in the new owner’s hands.

That's why Hill’s supports new cat and dog owners with a free bag of food and money off vouchers, to help make the pet’s transition from centre to its new home as smooth as possible, so the journey to a new healthy and happy life can begin…

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Learn more about the Blue Cross

Think about getting a new pet from The Blue Cross? Or would you like to know more about their activities and maybe become a supporter of The Blue Cross? Check www.bluecross.org.uk for more information on:

✔ Animals for adoption
✔ Fundraising
✔ Pet Information and Advice
✔ Blue Cross Kids
✔ Veterinary services


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