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The risks of excessive salt intake

Salt is an important component of your cat's diet and has a crucial role to play in her wellbeing. Salt (or sodium chloride) maintains bodily fluids and is needed for the functioning of organs and nervous system. Salt can be added to products to improve their taste. However, studies show that too much salt in your cat's diet could put her at an increased risk of health problems such as heart disease and higher blood pressure. Also, excess salt can stimulate the progression of kidney disease, even before it has been detected. Particularly older cats may be in the early stages of the disease but their owners are not aware of it. It's because of the increased risks associated with feeding too much salt, that we at Hill's strictly control the salt content of our food. That's not to say that we compromise on the taste or its nutritional value. It's just that we know that cats at different lifestages and with specific nutritional needs require food that has just the right balance of vitamins, minerals and high quality ingredients. So with Hill's Science Plan, you can be sure that your cat is getting just the right balance of nutrients without the risks associated with excess salt. And what's more she'll love the taste - guaranteed.

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