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Mind and body

Senior cat vet visits

As cats grow older, they can look perfectly healthy, while an underlying disease is going unnoticed. This is a vital reason why veterinary visits for senior cats should never be overlooked.

In fact, it's advised to increase your veterinary visits as your cat ages. Doing so is the best way to prevent any major health issues, and to help aid in your cat's longevity.

Three reasons why frequent veterinary visits are so important for senior cats:

  • Your older cat may show increased behavioural problems, such as more frequent accidents at home, reduced interaction with owner, reduced agility and increased need for sleep.
  • It’s important to recognise subtle changes early since health changes can occur quickly in senior cats.
  • Several medical conditions start to develop in cats once they reach middle age, and especially in their senior years they are prone to underlying conditions while appearing fine physically.
  • Specific needs

    Senior cats have specific needs to defend against ageing changes.

    Nutritional needs
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    Healthy Ageing

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    Product range
  • Top 10 health tips

    Senior-specific health tips for a long and healthy life.

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