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Mind and body

Emotions are on a high


As any caring cat owner knows, a routine visit to the vet is anything but routine. Regular examinations are the right thing to do, but try telling that to your cat! Stress levels run rampant. Emotions are on a high. This can be especially true for senior cats that are showing signs of changes in their behaviour. If only there was a way to help tame the entire vet experience… The following steps should help you plan and prepare the next time your senior cat is due for an appointment:

Carrier Tips

  • Emotions are on a high.
  • If your senior cat keeps refusing to enter the carrier, help get your cat used to it by placing it among your home’s everyday environment.
  • Place any treats, favourite toys or blankets inside to make it more comfortable and inviting for your cat. And be sure to keep them inside once your cat enters. Train your cat to enter the carrier even when you’re not going to the vet, so the cat doesn’t connect the carrier with the vet.
  • Top-loading carriers are less stressful for your senior cat, as they allow for easier removal. And if needed, your cat can be examined while remaining inside the carrier.

Car Ride Tips

  • Don’t limit car rides strictly for visits to the vet. Start taking your cat on regular rides in the carrier to help your cat get used to the motion and the surroundings of your vehicle.
  • Avoid feeding your cat for at least one hour before transport to keep your cat from getting carsick.

Office Tips

  • Give your cat a treat or verbal praise to reward good behaviour in both the lobby and veterinarian’s office.
  • Always speak in a soft voice to help your cat remain calm.
  • Allow your vet to handle your cat freely, and reassure your cat to calm her down. This will help reduce anxiety and any likelihood of biting or scratching.
  • Discuss with your veterinarian ways to make your next visit even more comfortable for both you and your senior cat.
  • Specific needs

    Senior cats have specific needs to defend against ageing changes.

    Nutritional needs
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    Healthy Ageing

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  • Top 10 health tips

    Senior-specific health tips for a long and healthy life.

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