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Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ range for the nutritional management of digestive disorders in dogs.

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NEW Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Stress

FIRST and ONLY nutrition to help address
stress-related digestive upset in dogs under 14kg.

  • With ingredients to help address stress
  • Easy-to-digest formula with soothing ingredients,
    including ginger, to calm the digestive tract
  • Enriched with prebiotic fibre to support
    beneficial bacteria

How can you tell
if your dog is stressed?

How to help
your stressed dog?

Chronic stress, or frequent bouts of short-term stress, can cause a range of negative reactions, from digestive upset to behaviour problems in dogs. Here’s how you can help your beloved canine avoid stress:

What are
digestive disorders?

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A digestive disorder is any condition that prevents proper digestion or alters the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract. Digestive disorders are one of the most common reasons for consulting a veterinary practice.

Roll over each digestive tract icon to understand the most common causes.

Know the signs

Some signs of your dog’s digestive disorders are easy to spot. Make sure you consult your vet if your dog is showing any of these signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea or soft stools
  • Loss of weight
  • Change of appetite
  • Flatulence
  • Stomach gurgling
  • Constipation
  • Sudden inactivity or depression
  • Sometimes pets will show other
    signs, such as itchy skin or ears

Always seek the advice of your vet if you are concerned about the health of your pet.

How can the
right food support?

A food that's specially designed for digestive health, supports healthy digestion and is important for a dog’s overall health.


What is
a food intolerance?

A food intolerance is a reaction to ingredients in food that your pet’s body does not tolerate well. This common issue can either be an immune-based or non-immune based reaction.

Food intolerances are an individual issue:

Every pet is different, but most food intolerances involve common ingredients that the pet has been exposed to before, such as beef, chicken, dairy or wheat. If your dog has diarrhoea regularly or vomits especially just after eating, he may have food intolerances. If you suspect a problem, it is recommended that you visit your vet.

Introducing Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™
Canine i/d™ Sensitive

For dogs with digestive upset due to food intolerances. Supports gastrointestinal health
and reduces food intolerances together.

  • Specific ingredients to help prevent contact to ingredients your dog may be intolerant to
  • Highly digestible food that's easy to digest to support absorption of nutrients in the gut
  • Enriched with natural fibres to support healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • High energy density, allowing for small portions to reduce digestive workload

Hill’s complete range to support
your dog’s digestive health

Prescription Diet™ i/d™

Support of digestive health. Reduction of acute intestinal disorders during periods of and recovery from acute diarrhoea. View all products

NEW Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Stress

First and only nutrition to help address stress-related digestive upset in dogs under 14kg View all products

Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Low Fat

For support of digestive health in dogs that would benefit from a low fat food. View all products

Prescription Diet™ i/d™ Sensitive

Supports digestive health and reduces food intolerances. View all products

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Where to buy
Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™

Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ pet foods are available at your vet clinic and online.
Locate a vet clinic near you or start shopping online for fast,
convenient delivery to your door.

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