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Dog behaviour

Dogs afraid of thunder

Fear of thunder is a common phobia in dogs. It is usually marked by hiding, whining, barking, pawing or even urination.

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Dogs that dig

If your dog is slowly turning your garden into a cratered moonscape then try not to despair, because dogs that dig are only doing what comes naturally. The first step you should take, is to try to identify the reason why he is digging. Dogs may dig because of a predatory instinct or they may be digging to bury bones or toys.

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Eating Dog Poo

You've taken your dog for a walk, you've just finished telling the neighbour how well behaved he is and all of a sudden you catch him eating dog poo. Ugh! What could possess him to do this? Coprophagia (the technical term for faeces eating) is unpleasant but not uncommon behaviour among dogs. The good news is that eating faeces won't generally hurt your dog.

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The right kind of dog toys

Dogs love to play, both with their owners and by themselves. Playtime is an important opportunity to exercise, enjoy mental stimulation and bond with you! So making sure you have the right kind of dog toys is essential for their enjoyment and safety.

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When chewing becomes destructive

Dogs use their mouths in much the same way we use our hands - as tools for exploring. This means they examine anything they find interesting by chewing and gnawing it. Unfortunately, with some dogs this chewing becomes destructive and a problem.

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Why do dogs eat grass?

Your dog is a descendent of the mighty wolf, a noble hunter and confirmed carnivore. You feed him meals of the best possible quality, so why does he insist on eating grass? While no-one is entirely sure why dogs eat grass, pet intuitionalists are fairly certain it's just normal canine behaviour and certainly nothing to worry about.

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