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Feeding a Puppy

Feeding and nutrition

How and when to feed your Puppy?

It's important to feed your puppy the right amount of food at proper intervals. Your puppy will need the right amount of nutrients in order to grow and become a healthy adult.

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How a puppy's nutritional needs differ from ours?

In a study of homemade pet foods, more than 90 percent of foods were found to be nutritionally unbalanced and incomplete for pets.* Each species has very different nutritional requirements. Cooking for your dog is not the same as cooking for your children or yourself.

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Introducing adult food

Now that your puppy is nearly full grown you should start to think about transitioning him from his regular puppy food, to a more grown-up food more suited to his needs.A new food should always be introduced gradually, even if your dog appears to like it. This will help reduce the chance of him developing a stomach upset following the food change.

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