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Finding and choosing a puppy

Finding the puppy for you

Any particular breed?

You might have a very fixed idea about the type of dog you want. But if you are at all uncertain which breed will best suit you, it’s well worth doing your homework, not the least because there are over 400 breeds to choose from.

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Where to get your puppy from

No matter what type of puppy you’re after, there are lots of places to look. Advertisements in local papers, animal shelters and charities, friends and family and pedigree breeders are all good sources.

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A He or She?

You’ve decided on your breed of dog; now you must decide whether to have a male or female (bitch). Most bitches have tendency to be quieter and less dominant than males, but remember that they will come into season and be ‘on heat’ about twice a year and for those two or three weeks, will need to be separated from all male dogs.

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How old should your puppy be?

If a puppy is taken away from his mother or brothers and sisters too early, he may miss out on important behavioural and emotional development stages. As a rule, a puppy bought between seven and nine weeks of age is ideal. But don’t introduce your new puppy to the big wide world until seven days after his second vaccination, at around 13 weeks old.

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