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Practical tips

Practical tips on common puppy problems


Throughout the weeks and months of your puppy's first, formative year, he'll encounter a vast variety of experiences, most of them happy and pleasant, but not all. So to help you prepare for the days ahead, here are a few pitfalls to watch out for, and some advice should your pet have the occasional not-so-nice experience. Christmas: not such a happy time for a puppy Unfortunately, Christmas could be the worst time to bring a new puppy into your home and life.

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Dogs and thunder

Fear of thunder is a common phobia in dogs. It is usually marked by hiding, whining, barking, pawing or even urination.

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Time apart

Home alone is not an option You should never leave your puppy alone for any length of time. According to the RSPCA, more than one million dogs become distressed, noisy and destructive, often messing the house, when they are left alone.

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Travelling with your puppy

There are so many more opportunities to take your puppy away with you on holiday these days. In fact, in most newsagents you'll find publications that list holiday accommodation where you and your pet will be made most welcome.

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Identification for your puppy

Your puppy's ID As we mentioned, it is the law for your puppy to wear a tag on his collar with your contact details clearly displayed. However, there are other steps you can take to ensure your puppy's safe return if he gets lost. For more information see article on Microchipping.

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