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Why select
pet foods
from Hill’s

Each and every one of the people working at Hill’s understands that special bond that exists between you and your pet. Which is why we work so hard at providing you with the best nutritional care available to ensure that relationship stays good and healthy.

We are constantly innovating to ensure the highest quality ingredients and optimal balance of nutrients to meet your pet's specific age, breed and medical needs. Perhaps this explains why Hill’s pet foods are what vets choose to feed their own pets.

Who we are

Hill's Pet Nutrition is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare. Our unrivalled devotion to healthy, happy pets drives everything we do.

What Hill’s
stands for

Our mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.

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about our mission, phoilosophy and vision

Our commitment to
animal welfare

All pets cared for by Hill’s Pet Nutrition will live in a loving, safe, playful and clean environment. We only use non-invasive, humane research methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so that dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.

A strong commitment to
better nutrition

Backed by extensive Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition, Hill’s delivers one of the highest quality pet food products formulated to meet a diverse spectrum of unique needs.

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A commitment to
quality and safety

Hill's is committed to adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in all aspects of preparing and packaging premium pet food.

Our commitment
to sustainability

Hill’s is committed to sustainability in many forms. This commitment extends beyond pets and includes People, Performance, and Planet.

Our dedication to pets
supports pet charities in the UK

At Hill's, we're dedicated to all pets. That's why we support the work of charities and shelters, saving nearly 1 million dogs and cats every year throughout the world.

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