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Don’t forget about exercise

Every cat will have different degrees of mobility and some will respond to j/d quicker than others. However, just because your cat is experiencing stiff joints, that’s usually no reason to stop playing with her and encouraging her to exercise. In fact, gentle exercise is extremely good for her, both to keep her joints moving freely and to make sure she stays at a healthy weight.

Exercise – but don’t over do it

Actively promoting controlled amounts of gentle exercise through play sessions is a great way not only to keep your cat mentally stimulated but also to help strengthen muscles without placing too much strain on the joints. It also helps build the bond between you and, of course, it’s fantastic fun.

The gentle touch

What could be more soothing and relaxing for a cat with painful joints than a gentle massage from one of the ‘big people’. Pop a sofa cushion on the floor for yourself, invite your cat onto your lap and settle down for some quality time together watching TV and massaging those joints. If you need proof that this technique works, just listen to that purring!


Comfort is important for every pet, including humans! And it’s even more vital in the case of cats with stiff joints.


Give a helping hand

Just as humans with creaky joints appreciate a helping hand every now and then, so your cat will love the extra attention of being helped on and off their bed, or maybe even being lifted up and down those steep steps to the kitchen.

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