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What makes Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d so effective is its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in particular EPA. Due to this:

  • j/d is clinically proven to help your cat walk, run and jump better. See the difference in as little as 28 days1
  • j/d also helps reduce discomfort and may allow the dosage of painkillers to be reduced
  • This also reduces the risk of harmful side effects associated with the long term prescription of some painkillers

j/d is easy to feed as it is a complete cat food with guaranteed great taste that your cat will love.

That’s why Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d is the very convenient, safe and effective long term nutritional solution for your cat’s stiff joints.


1. Sparkes A, Allen TA, Fritsch D, and Hahn KA. Effective dietary management of spontaneous appendicular osteoarthritis in cats. Unpublished. j/d™ dry food only.

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