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j/d efficacy

The efficacy of Hill's Prescription Diet j/d has been clinically proven in multiple studies conducted by independent experts and universities.

Not only does that mean we are able to use the term ‘clinically proven’ with conviction, but it also means that you can be reassured that Hill's Prescription Diet j/d will actually deliver all its promised health benefits to your dog.

Our claims on j/d are backed many independent published and unpublished researches and studies.

The claim, "Hill's Prescription Diet j/d is clinically proven to help your dog walk, run, jump better in as little as 21 days, "is supported by the following studies:

1. Fritsch D, Allen TA, Dodd CE, et al. Dose-titration effects of fish oil omega-3 fatty acids in osteoarthritic dogs. J Vet Intern Med 2010; 24:1020-1026.


Our dedication to ethical treatments of animals

Because we are a company of animal lovers and pet owners, all research undertaken or sponsored by Hill's meets the strictest guidelines controlling every aspects of the humane treatment and loving care of animals.

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