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August news

last updated 16/08/2017
Sensitive stomachs and skin continue to be top issues for pets, and are often seen together. Now, pet owners can feed their pets a food designed to support both: NEW Science Plan™ Sensitive Stomach & Skin!
last updated 16/08/2016
Dog skin conditions are unfortunately all too common. Some allergic reactions can cause incessant scratching, licking, chewing, and fidgeting; making life so uncomfortable for him.
last updated 12/08/2016
Once you welcome a cat into your life, you'll never get over how much joy these cuddly creatures bring to your home. You'll be endlessly entertained by the funny things they do, but keep in mind they are very intelligent—they know exactly what they want and how to get it.
last updated 05/08/2015
We are well into summer, a time when we normally stop the healthy regimes and fall back into old habits while enjoying the warm weather. But we’re telling you that there is still some fitness fun to be had, involving your dog of course. Sink your teeth into our ‘how to guide’ on running your own doggy boot camp session. Whether you do it by yourself in the back garden, or with a few friends at your local park, you and your four legged friend will stay fit and healthy while having fun in the sun together.
last updated 31/07/2012 13:41:00
We asked Lynda a few questions about her job and how she feels about working with and for cats and dogs.
last updated 28/08/2013
If you have an overweight pet, you’re not alone. As many as 1 in 3 pets in the UK are overweight because many pet owners think ‘more food’ means ‘more love.’
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