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December news

last updated 15/12/2016
Your pup's actions tell you a lot about his mood. And although you may not be fluent in the canine tongue–short of what it means when it salivates–you do need to learn how to interpret dog behavior.
last updated 12/12/2016
Today's dog foods have gotten a face lift. You can serve your dog a blend of beef, lamb, chicken, and nutritious vegetables and grains, and all of which play a major role in providing balanced nutrition for your dog through all stages of his life.
last updated 07/12/2016
When you share a home with a feline friend, you hear many different cat sounds throughout the day. And although the meaning of some noises is easily discernible (circling her food dish while looking up at you, for example), it's not always that obvious.
last updated 02/12/2016
Dedicated cat lovers are proud of the relationship they have with their cats, so much so they embrace the term "crazy cat owner" with open arms. For Tara Wilkins of Sycamore, Illinois– self-proclaimed "crazy cat lady"–it's a way of life.
last updated 11/12/2014
Enter our 12 Tails of Christmas Competition, to win a little surprise prize from us each day from 12th – 24th December 2014.

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