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Is your dog enjoying life to the full?

Ageing, accidents or injuries, and genetic conditions like hip or elbow dysplasia all can have adverse effects on your dogs’ joints, especially on his cartilage – this is the tissue that provides the shock-absorbing “cushion” between joints, keeping movements like walking or running easy and comfortable. When cartilage is damaged or worn away, it can become extremely uncomfortable for pets especially as they age.

Here are some things to look for when assessing your dog’s mobility:

  • Difficulty standing up or stiffness after resting
  • Preferring to lay down rather than stand or sit
  • General slowing down, such as falling behind on walks
  • Find other signs here

Also, check out our handy online Mobility Scorecard tool that helps you to tell if your dog may be experiencing mobility problems or stiff joints. If you suspect your dog has mobility problems be sure to see your vet soon and take your dog’s mobility scorecard with you to help. You may also want to ask about great-tasting Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ j/d™. Score your dog’s mobility here.

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