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Living with other pets and humans

‘You are what you eat’ and that goes for dogs too. Find out more about the science behind precise nutrition and what makes it so important for keeping your dog in peak condition.

Dog and new baby…getting along famously

With the right preparation, bringing a dog and new baby together should pose no problems at all. Of course, it is always an exciting time bringing a new baby into the world, but sometimes a dog won't share your enthusiasm.

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Dog Interaction

The key to your dog interacting with other dogs, or socialisation, is familiarity and experience. You should expose your dog to as many positive experiences, with as many different people, places and animals as you can.

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Playing with your dog

Like great nutrition and a loving home, playtime is essential to your dog's well-being. It provides exercise, stimulation, fun and superb interaction. And playtime is especially important if your pet spends extended periods alone.

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If you have to leave your dog on his own it can bring on separation anxiety, this is usually caused by over-dependence on an owner. It can be the result of being weaned too early, being abandoned, or simply due to the temperament of the dog. You leave your dog alone for just twenty minutes while you run to do some shopping and when you return he's emptied the rubbish onto the kitchen floor, destroyed a pillow or had a pee in your hallway.

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